SAP HCM Consultant – SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) – complete HR Solution

Human capital management is significant processes in an organization, which is not just limited to HR recruiting, but covers much more than recruiting like bifurcation of employees as per their job responsibility, department level, payment days, payment details, designations, etc. Other than, support, employee engagement and team motivation tasks are also a responsibility of the HR only. Managing all these for an employee of an entire company are not a piece of cake, it needs a higher level of concentration and dedication to streamline all HR processes. However, the job can be simpler by means of the SAP HCM, is one of the highly sought after software for HR processes promotes HR in building an organized management in respective organization.

SAP HCM Consultant

This so alleged SAP HCM is configured to function every HR task that is important to effectively manage human capital. This SAP HCM embraces several sub components incorporating Personnel Management, Organizational Management (OM), Time Management and Payroll and promotes in every task from hiring an employee to its termination in the organization, thus help an organization effectively manage its people, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costing for a company in the management of Human Resources. Further, this software automates the key processes, thus freeing HR department from executing repetitive administrative tasks.

We as an SAP HCM consultant based in India provides HCM consulting and support services to local as well as global customers and make considerable efforts to solve their query at the highest. Thorough know how in project management, various effective methodologies, and innovative solutions and zealousness of surpasses expectation of the every coming customer, our team of SAP HCM consultants makes considerable efforts to deliver satisfactory solutions to SAP HCM challenges effectively.

SAP HCM implementation service that we provide covers:

  • OM, PA, Time, Payroll,
  • Payroll – expert in writing the PCRs (personnel calculation rules)
  • ESS , MSS
  • Time and Attendance solution
  • Benefit and Payment
  • Travel management
  • Recruitment and E recruitment,
  • PMS (Performance Management),
  • Training, LSO
  • Compensation management
  • Personnel cost planning
  • Process and forms

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