SAP MM Consultant – Purchase & Inventory Management with SAP MM

When it comes to the business, procurement process is obvious that begins with gathering requirements and ends with procuring goods from vendors. The procured commodities need to be placed in the right place in order to smoothly consume when is needed that can be achieved by inventory management with SAP MM. SAP MM address with placing and handling stock received from vendors in correct place, thus makes the entire process smooth and increase the efficiency of the organization in handling the same.

SAP MM is also reckoned as the procure to pay module of the SAP, by means of which one can manage the procurement and inventory cycles very proficiently. This SAP MM software module is being a preferred choice of the entrepreneurs for its power to simplify and improves the process associated to purchase process in a firm. This SAP MM software is competent to handle

  • Indent (purchase requisition)
  • Material procurement
  • Project procurement
  • Service procurement
  • Quantity and Value purchase contract
  • Assets procurement

However, the proper integration with the existing system or new is equally crucial for the effectiveness of the SAP MM, which can be attained with the help of the SAP MM consultant. We SAP MM consultant based in India boast significant command on the SAP MM and hence are able to integrate perfectly. Additionally, we are at per dedicated during the training session provided to the end user to smoothly operate the SAP MM and reap the highest functionality of the same.

SAP MM Consultant

SAP MM Mainly Deals In Following Processes:

  • Purchase requirement
  • PR (Purchase Requisition)
  • PR approval work flow using release strategy
  • RFQ (vendor Quotations)
  • Comparison of different vendor quotation
  • Negotiation and selection of vendor
  • Purchase Order
  • PO approval workflow using release strategy
  • Goods receipt
  • Service entries
  • Vendor invoice entry and workflow
  • Payment to vendors
  • Three way match (PO, GRN, and Invoice)
  • Stock transport orders
  • Physical inventory verification (cycle Count)
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Import process
  • Subcontracting

We as an SAP MM consultant facilitate your organization in enhancing the productivity with expert consulting which is delivered by savvy consultants laden with deepen knowledge in the MM area potent to understand your requirement and accordingly deliver your best possible solution for your organization. Further, our SAP MM consultant also trains respective employees to utilize utmost and make your inventory management as smooth as possible.

  • PR Release strategy (item and Header)
  • PO Release strategy (only Header)
  • SES release strategy
  • Workflow activation for PR, PO, SES
  • Automatic Email triggering at various stage in procurement cycle
  • Interfacing of SAP MM with other third party applications
  • KPI reporting for SAP MM
  • Improving the control aspect of organization
  • Weight bridge integration
  • GST implementation and readiness
  • A new plant rollout
  • Loading of master data and transactional data with LSMW, BDC
  • Enhancement as per business need for example
  • Adding a field in material master
  • PR, PO line items

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