Financial accounting is a much known word in the organization; no one would be there who is unaware with the financial accounting and its importance in companies of any size for success. The effective financial accounting helps taking important fiscal decisions righteously, hence help your business the furthest. Considering a significant role of the financial accounting in the organizational growth and vogue of the former version of SAP FICO, SAP introduces a revolutionary SAP SFIN module that does the same which was previously done by the SAP FICO.SAP SFIN stands for SAP simple finance is a new HANA based FI solution that combines SAP FI and SAP CO all together and gives a new concept to the organization in terms of Universal Journal.

SAP SFIN Consultant

The Universal Journal in SAP brings the once separate components of SAP FICO into one pool of related business data; such a solitary source of truth accumulates all accounting associated transactions and makes them accessible to all pertinent application components like Financial Accounting (General Ledger), Controlling, Asset Accounting, and Material Ledger.

The outcome of availability of all information at one place is no reconciliation activities are required, hence data redundancies are removed and line items are added only one time, which leads to the reduction of the memory footprint and augmentation in the system output. That means an organization can experience much easier financial accounting, thanks to the universal journal. However, it demands the implementation in your business processing system, which can be accomplished by means of the SAP SFIN consultants.

We SAP consultant have developed a team of the SAP SFIN consultants to provide you appropriate solution analyzing your organizational needs. The proficiency of our SAP SFIN consultant is manifested from a considerable number of SAP SFIN installations and integration running successfully in the local firms as well as global firms. Our SAP SFIN consultant’s duty is not just limited to installation and integration, but they also perform testing once completely installed or integrated and also interpret the entire functionality in details so as one can experience business life much easier than ever before.

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