Staff Augmentation means an outsourcing strategy that is utilized to staff a project and respond to business objectives. The process of Staff Augmentation consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required. One promising benefits of this approach is that it may leverage existing resources well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers. With the support of technological innovation we can reduce the cost and improve operational efficiencies.

Staff augmentation is supportive when our clients have a talent shortage but already have management setup to provide oversight. All that our clients need is limited manpower that is an individual or a small group and will insert them into existing structure. Utilize staff augmentation when you have an exceptional need or a business spike. Individuals the clients hire to augment the client’s staff can bounce in and get the chance to work immediately without waiting be strolled through the procedure. Staff augmentation can enable you to handle particular tasks, yet isn’t perfect for a vital deliverable like a report. Utilizing staff augmentation is more costly than contracting in-house workers, however more affordable than utilizing proficient administrations. In the event that you are thinking about expanding your group yet are not sure you have a long haul require, staff augmentation can be a phenomenal approach to test a bigger staff before making direct contract.

Our core competencies for Staff Augmentation:

  • Technical Staffing: Owing from our system and expert staffing solutions, we are sufficiently fit to give in fact talented work force to a range of businesses having a place with petrochemicals, IT, training, hardware, hospitality, e-commerce, medical etc.
  • Professional Staffing: We can give prepared to-be-conveyed professional staff for banking, engineering, human resources, call center, quality control, finance, etc.
  • Digital Staffing: We have wide system of inventive, intelligent and enthusiastic professionals to meet prerequisites of digital marketing organizations.
  • Workforce Solutions: We give productive and aggressive workforce management solutions, taking into account to all activities – payroll and benefits, HR administration, absence and leave management, Performance management etc. to guarantee a gainful staff.
  • Tech Solutions: Backed by a productive system of experts, we can give successful tech solutions for IT organization through various channels including email, live help programming or through a website.

Unparalleled Advantages of Staff Augmentation Services:

  • Organize the staff: When there is a requirement to personally manage resources, staff augmentation is ideal.
  • Amalgamation with internal processes: Organizations can find it more efficient to integrate staff augmentation resources with accessible business processes than to support those processes with external project teams. Finally, an individual can adapt more quickly to the processes of an organization than two separate organizations can align with each other.
  • Influences offered resources: By adding new skill sets to the team, a organization can take benefits of both external and internal resources for the achievement of their IT projects.
  • Expert Proficiency: When project team gaps mainly consist of specific skills, staff augmentation can efficiently fill those gaps.
  • Quick changes in staffing needs: Companies with staffing needs in regular change can meet those requirements through staff augmentation. It is very easy to add up or subtract resources to match the demand.
  • Ease cost of obtaining skills: Avoids the cost of investing in internal skill development.
  • Decrease employer loads: Avoids costs and liabilities of direct employees.
  • Meet hostile project timelines: When a lively project has a need for more resources in order to be accomplished on time, staff augmentation is usually the best option, and is frequently the only option.
  • Internal acceptance: Existing employees often embrace a staff augmentation model more than a project outsourcing model. Existing employees are less likely to feel threatened by augmenting staff with a few individuals than by outsourcing entire projects.
  • Effortlessness of Adoption: It’s easier to assume a staff augmentation model than a project outsourcing model. Companies are previously worn to hiring employees. Staff augmentation is just a small shift from what companies already do.

SAP Augmentation Service Consultant roles and responsibilities may vary from company to company; the above are standard roles of SAP Augmentation consultants.

Note: Contact Us or Write Us for any post implementation support you need or if you are facing any challenges for your current SAP Augmentation installation.

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